Spelling Dictation – Long Vowel Sounds Revision 3



Scroll down to the recording below. Press the play button to listen to the paragraph.


Write the sentences on your worksheet. Remember to use the correct sentence punctuation.


Read over your paragraph carefully to check for any mistakes.

Use your Super Speller Checks:

  • Sounds
  • Rules
  • Prefix/Suffix
  • Look
  • Meaning


Ask an adult to mark your work. Tick each correct word and fix up any mistakes. Write the total score in the box.


Click on the ‘Mark your work’ button below to mark your own work. Put a tick above each correct word. Fix up any mistakes. Write your total score in the box.



Press the play button to listen to the recording. Pause the recording as often as you need to so you can write down the paragraph. The paragraph will be read out loud twice.

Mark your own work

Today I went for a run with my mates. We went to the lake and then up to the creek. We run in a group. We always have a great time.
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